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New Prospective Expanded German Registry of Incidental Gallbladder Carcinoma (PERSUASION)- a permanent platform including all kind of biliary tract cancers (BTC)(Persuasion)Registry including all kind of oncological therapy lines and procedures, clinical outcome, translational research (biobanking) and QoL for all types of biliary tract cancers.
Krankheitsentität(en) Gallenblase und Gallenweg
Wesentliche EinschlusskriterienKnown biliary-tract cancer including intrahepatic-, extrahepatic- and gallbladder carcinomas age ≥18 years signed informed consent form planned for (or recently started - i.e. within the last 21 days)) neoadjuvant, adjuvant or 1st line therapy
Wesentliche AusschlusskriterienPatients who are unable to consent because they do not understand the nature, significance and implications of the registry and therefore cannot form a rational intention Patient under 18 years of age Patient's inability to complete QoL questionnaire or answer the questions. Second-line or further palliative therapies if the patient's first-line therapy was not documented within the study.
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